Print Fellow – UON Print Room 2019/20


Exhibitions / Installations


 2021         Arts for Health MK, Installation MK Hospital July/August tbc

 2020         'Seeing Ourselves'  Group exhibition, Arts Central Studios

 2020         Arts Central, Corridor Installation, Jan - December

 2019         Platform Graduate Award Show, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes  November 7/30

 2019         ‘Free Range’ Graduate Show, Truman Brewery, London

 2019         Degree Show, UON

 2019         ‘Rich Threads’, Project Space, NN Contemporary, Northampton.

 2018         CVAN-EM. Annual Event, UON. Invited artist

 2018         ‘Ipseity’ Group Show, Avenue Gallery, University of Northampton

 2017         Westbury Arts Centre, collaboration with MK College    

 2017          ‘Forecast’ Arts Festival     Delapre Abbey

 2010/14    'A Journey without Sleeping' - Head Office, Homebase, Milton Keynes

 2006         ‘A Journey without Sleeping’  Solo exhibition, Madcap, Wolverton, Milton Keynes

 2003/06    Acrylic collection exhibited KingsOak Head Office, Milton Keynes

 2001/03    Acrylic collection exhibited Group 4 HQ, Milton Keynes

 2003/04    Milton Keynes Arts Festival Group exhibitions



2020           'Seeing Ourselves' Group Exhibition, Arts Central 2020


 2018            Ipseity’ Group Show, Avenue Gallery, University of Northampton



 2010         Homebase House Magazine  - ‘A Journey  without Sleeping’

 2002         Group 4 Court Services House Magazine - ‘Artworks in office spaces’



 2002          Newport City Live Arena, Newport, Gwent        

 2001          Group 4 Regional HQ


1980/2001  Illustrative work for private clients,  architectural, flora and fauna



 2018            UON Chancellors Fund



 BA (Hons) Fine Art (First) 2016-2019

 ACE Milton Keynes A level 1999-2001

Artist's statement  

January 2020

Jan's practice is an interrogation of line, how it interacts with itself, the space it inhabits and, most importantly, the viewer.  


Creating site specific installations in tape each line is intuitive, sometimes breaking through the usual confines of an artwork, across a wall or around a corner.    Jan plays with the work, adding, discarding, re-placing or redirecting, changing the visual exchange between artist and viewer through the time of an installation, as they walk past or through the different vistas.  


Jan works in response to the architecture and the social setting bringing new energy to often ignored and discounted spaces.  With  the introduction of anamorphic and sculptural elements a new spatial awareness can draw the viewer into the installation, leading minds away from thoughts and into your imagination.    


By its very nature the work is performative and ephemeral but is captured in prints and interpreted into screen prints and lately with the space and time to consider her practice through lockdown, thread has had an important role in continuing her interrogation of line.


As well as taking on the role of Print Fellow at University of Northampton, Jan now works from a studio in Newport Pagnell and is supported by CRE8TAPES.

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February 2021


Jan has recently moved to a new studio in Newport Pagnell and continues her work with tape, investigating pattern and line.  Through the quiet times of lockdown, Jan returned to working in thread both as tapestry and embroidery with  colour becoming a more important part of Jan's work, as she looks into context and texture.


The installation project planned for  Milton Keynes University Hospital as part of Arts for Health MK, is currently on hold although images and details are available on the MK Arts for Health website.  Jan has created 4 individual tape pieces for display when the Arts for Health MK is given the go ahead from the Hospital.   (Images of these pieces are on Recent Project page)


cre8tapes continue to generously support Jan with materials for her installations.